Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Self Reflection: Reconstruction Debate

1. How did I feel during planning this presentation? Why did I feel this way?

a. I felt anxious because from the very beginning, it felt like we were unprepared. During the middle, however, it did seem to be getting better, but I was still nervous about memorizing my script.

2. How did I feel prior to presenting? Why did I feel this way?

a. Prior to presenting, I felt excited, as well as nervous. I felt excited because everything seemed like it was going perfectly, we all knew what we had to say, and we all thought our tech. pieces were great.

3. How did I feel while I was presenting? Why did I feel this way?

a. I felt horrified while I was presenting because none of my slides were right. I had thought the right copies of my slides were on the presentation we were using, but the presentation we were using was not edited correctly, and the timing was off.

4. What did I personally do well?

a. I think that the thing I personally did well was researching the content and making it a bit easier to understand. I used the original document, and shortened, as well as using more modern language for my section of our project.

5. What did not go as desired in this presentation?

a. The thing that did not go as desired in this presentation was the slides during my part of the presentation. In my opinion, that was what went the worst in the presentation.

6. On a scale from 1-10, how well do I think I understood the content? Explain.

a. On a scale from 1-10, I think I understood the content to probably a 7 or 8. I think that a 7 or 8 would be a good way to describe my understanding of the content because I feel like I could tell someone all about the Wade-Davis Bill, but only certain parts of the Proclamation of Amnesty. Plus, I think that I would need to brush up on the separation of powers.

7. How do I think my group members perceived me? Why do I think this?

a. I think my group members perceived as someone who was a bit controlling, but also someone who would get her part of the presentation done as quick as I could, and help out the group. I think my group members would see me as controlling because at first, I started telling everyone that we need to get this done, or we won't have time for everything else that needed to be completed, plus, I was the one who sent out the emails about due dates. I think that they also saw me as someone who would get everything completed because that is what I have done previously, and that is what I did this time, even though it took a long time to get it completed.

8. How do I think the 8th graders perceived me? Why do I think this?

a. I think the 8th graders perceived me as someone who worked hard, but was not confident, as well as someone who could have focused more on relating to the audience. I think that because, when they were stating comments, one of them had said that you could tell I worked hard and that they felt like I wasn't relating to the audience; that I had went to into the content. I think they saw that I wasn't confident because of my public speaking. I had a hard time getting my script down, and I think it showed.

9. Knowing that I can only control how I act and react, if I could do this presentation again, what

would I change about my actions to make it a more ideal experience?

a. Knowing that I can only control how I act and react, I would make sure that my correct slides were on the copy we were using. I think that if we had to do this presentation again, it would be much more ideal if I did that.

10. What are my strengths in groups?

a. My strengths in groups are being able to provide honest opinions, but in a nice way. Also, I am able to analyze content well, as well as I know what I am talking about and what I am supposed to do.

11. What areas do I need improvement?

a. I think that I could improve in communicating with my group. Plus, I think that I could help challenge my other group members more, instead of giving them easy tasks that they can easily do.

12. What is the most important thing I learned about myself? Why is this so important?

a. The most important thing I learned about myself was that I need to relate to the audience. It is important because you could have a really great presentation, full of content, but when the audience walks away, they have know idea about what you are talking about, and that is why you presented.

13. Are there any other things that I need to express?

a. I think the last thing I would like to express is that having supportive group members really helps when something goes wrong.


  1. Lisa, I thought you did a great job with the content. Yes you were quiet and talked fast, but I used to talk fast, also. It wasn't until this year that I have become more comfortable with presenting. It will get easier for you, too. I cannot wait to work with you in DLC! - Keara

    p.s. - When presenting, I've found that it is easier if you go up smiling or thinking something funny to yourself. Also, have fun up there. Bounce up and down a little, be dramatic. :)

  2. Lisa, I love how well you addressed the problems in your presentation, as well as the wonderful parts of it! Yes you were quiet and talked quickly, but no worries! I was the same way. Now not as much, now that I am more comfortable, but when I get nervous, I do the craziest things. Your slides had glitches, but it happens. Everyone has a few slip ups. To me, you seem very organized and creative. I can't wait to work with you!

  3. Lisa, it was amazing how well you could accept the good things to did as well as the things you needed to improve on. That is a hard step for many people because they really have to analyze themselves. I have the same issues with public speaking. I am typically very quiet. Unfortunately, the only way to get any better at talking more loudly and slower is be practicing in front of an audience and this can be terrifying, but the more you practice, the easier it will become. Also, with the tech problems, the only way to prevent it is by running through it many times, but of course, there is always the possibility of something going wrong, and you just have to go with the flow al little bit on that because there really isn't much you can do on the spur of the moment. Your creative ability and the way you will get things done is incredible and will take you far. I am so excited to work with you and get to know you better.